Tax deferral and a legacy of wealth creation

The IRS allows you to exchange one property for another tax free because they see it as simply you moving your cost basis for tax purposes from one qualifying property to another. So what does such an exchange mean to you?

  • The ability to defer all your capital gain.
  • The ability to defer the recapture of previous depreciation.
  • The exchange of many properties for one, or one property for many.
  • Tax free transition into a managed portfolio for cash flow.
  • The Keys to Exchanging
    1031 Reference and resource materials
    1031 TUTORIALS

    This comprehensive guide to 1031 exchanging will cover everything you need to know to be an informed Exchanger.

    1031 Exchange Materials Provided by Fyntex

    If you just have a question or two check out this FAQ and you'll probably find the answer to your inquiry.

    1031 Exchange Materials Provided by Fyntex

    There are a handful of keys to 1031 exchanging which experienced Exchangers always observe. See them for yourself.

    1031 Exchange Materials Provided by Fyntex
    True 1031 Expertise at your fingertips

    While the logistics of 1031 exchanges have been streamlined dramatically since tax deferred exchanging was incorporated into the Internal Revenue Code in 1921, it is still critical for our members and their clients to have timely access to expert advice when they need it.

    In addition, since most Exchangers only complete a few 1031 exchanges during the term of their ownership it is difficult for them to remember every rule or nuance which might impact the compliance of their transaction.

    This is why LeadingRE has arranged to have a senior Fyntex 1031 expert available when our members and their clients need them. Typically it only takes a few minutes to walk through your transaction and ensure that the proposed strategy is sound and the execution is flawless.

    Schedule your videoconference with the nearby Calendly tool.

    Analytical Tools for real estate professionals
    Understanding the math which underlies your entire transaction
    It is important to understand how the math associated with a 1031 exchange can impact your ownership. A completed 1031 exchange not only defers capital gain and depreciation recapture taxes, it also dramatically increases your buying power as well.

    Calculate what you need for complete tax deferral

    When considering a Replacement Property you need to know how much property value to acquire to successfully defer your capital gain and depreciation recapture taxes. This wizard will help you determine your ideal net purchase price, cash downpayment and the amount of debt you'll need to have a totally tax deferred transaction.

    Tutorial Videos by Subject Matter

    Our 1031 Processing Partner Fyntex

    We aligned with Fyntex to provide 1031 advisory and processing services for our LeadingRE members and their clients. Fyntex leads the 1031 industry in:

    • 1031 expertise and exchange processing experience
    • Cutting edge technology with 24/7 client visibility
    • Absolute 1031 funds security with 1031 trust accounts