Leveraging 1031 for LeadingRE members and their clients

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To help build your business via 1031 exchanges, LeadingRE has aligned with Fyntex, one of the country's leading exchange facilitation firms that can assist you and your clients through the tax deferred exchange planning and execution process. Fyntex also provides educational resources and social media content to enhance your inbound and outbound marketing activities. To reach the experts at Fyntex, call (844) 655-1031 or click on the button below.

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Resources to support our members and their clients
Three modules designed to support, educate and empower our LeadingRE members and their clients

Our Education Module includes all the tutorials, tools and analytical wizards for every real estate investor and the agents and professionals who advise them.

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While most exchanges are easily accommodated and progress seamlessly, training will equip any broker to better service their clients and drive new business.

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Most real estate professionals market their services and expertise through social media campaigns. We've developed a state of the art inventory of great content.

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Why Choose Leading 1031?
Between our network and 1031 processing from Fyntex, we've got you covered.
Unsurpassed Expertise

Our partners at Fyntex have successfully completed more than 40,000 exchanges from coast to coast.

State of the Art Processing

Fyntex leads the entire 1031 industry with cutting edge technology, 24/7 visibility and absolute funds security.

Empowered Training

Our self directed coursework equips any real estate professional to find opportunity and drive new business.

Unique Social Media

We'll show you how to prospect for new high net worth clients and provide the content which will convert them.

Make sure you've positioned yourself and your clients for future tax free sales and purchases.

1031: The greatest wealth building tool left for real property owners

Tax deferred exchanging of some form has been a part of the Internal Revenue Code since 1921. Experienced owners of investment or income property make use of this outstanding tool which drives equity growth and tax savings more than 300,000 times every year.

Make sure you and your clients are benefiting from the tax deferral and legacy building capabilities available through 1031 exchanging.

True 1031 Expertise at your fingertips

While the logistics of 1031 exchanges have been streamlined dramatically since tax deferred exchanging was incorporated into the Internal Revenue Code in 1921, it is still critical for our members and their clients to have timely access to expert advice when they need it.

In addition, since most Exchangers only complete a few 1031 exchanges during the term of their ownership it is difficult for them to remember every rule or nuance which might impact the compliance of their transaction.

This is why LeadingRE has arranged to have a senior Fyntex 1031 expert available when our members and their clients need them. Typically it only takes a few minutes to walk through your transaction and ensure that the proposed strategy is sound and the execution is flawless.

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